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I make decals that are radical, I like to call them radecals.

Who I am:

Call me RadRique, and I am the owner-operator of RADecals. I like to believe my life is full of explosions, mythological creatures (La Sirena) and delicious chimichangas. The truth is, it's pretty average, but I do get chimis every now and then. For the most part I work single-handed in running this little business of mine. When I get overwhelmed with orders I call in a team of great people who help me, they work for pizza, beer and great conversation while we get the job done.

Located in sunny San Jose, CA, I started RADecals as a side job hoping to earn some extra cash on the side of my regular full-time job. It has turned into something much bigger, and expanding every day. I never expected to be something we could make a living off of (still not at that point), but believe with time, dedication and drive it will grow to that necessary point.

Serving businesses, gyms, bands, clubs, organizations, sports teams, and all the way to a single design for someones phone. You'll get the decal you want faster and cheaper, with quality vinyl that will last. We only use the professional stuff, rated 6-7 years outdoors, with permanent adhesive, made here in the USA. Don't be scared, that doesn't mean you won't be able to take it off your back window once applied, it'll just put up a little fight before you end its decal-destiny.

What is a decal, and what can we do?

First of all a decal is a piece of vinyl cut into whatever design your heart desires. They weren't cut out to be stickers. A decal consists of three layers, the paper backing, the vinyl design, and the transfer tape. They require a little more time to be applied, and can not be just slapped on, but are well worth the effort.

We specialize in single color vinyl decals. We have a variety of colors and types to choose from, including reflective material. We stay away from printing on vinyl, to keep it simple for us, and even cheaper for you. If you have a decal in mind, and wondering if we can make it, just ask!

Contact us for a quick quote, whether you live in Australia or the Bay Area, we can get you what you want.

That's cool, what else can you do?

I am constantly expanding my knowledge and line up of tools available to me. I am now designing complex parts and objects constructed from wood, acrylic, plastics and other materials.