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Don't drop those hops!

One of the most annoying things about drinking beers is handling all the bottles. There really is no way to successfully carry a few bombers, without risk of bottles breaking, shaking or mutilating your beer. Then there's the 6-packs that come in flimsy cardboard,  why is it so hard to carry some beers home?

Precision crafted using Baltic birch wood,  lasers, and lots of love. The most stylish way to haul your beer around you won't be juggling bottles with one of these bad boys in hand. Both now have a mounted bottle opener on the handle (not shown on B-88).

All carriers are shipped disassembled, and will include assembly instructions. These are made to order, and can take up to a week to ship, contact us to see production schedule.


Customize it!

Both carriers are designed to be easily customized. Choose your hardware (Nuts and bolts), and bottle opener style. You can also have your name, pets name, companies name etched or even cut out into the handle! Contact us below for a quote: