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How do I apply this decal?

Tools you will need:

A rag and cleaning solution, something to squeegee on the decal i.e. a credit card, folded piece of cardboard. For large decals, we also recommend having a pair of scissors handy (just don't run with them!).


1. Clean the area where you wish to apply it and make sure the surface is clean and dry. For wall application decals, we recommend wiping the wall with a lightly damp towel and allow it to dry for at least 20 minutes.

2. Lay the decal with the image up on a flat surface and gently rub the entire surface area with your squeegee to ensure a good grip on the transfer tape to the vinyl. This will aid in lifting off the liner without problems.

3. Flip the decal over so you see the white paper liner. Peel the liner at a 45 degree angle while holding on to the transfer tape. If any vinyl is lifting off with the liner, lay it back down carefully, rub it with the squeegee and attempt again.


4. Place the decal against the surface you are applying it to. Grab your squeegee and gently rub the artwork from the inside out to get out all the air bubbles.


5. Peel the transfer tape at a 45 degree angle, until removed. TIP: for larger decals, it is easier to cut the transfer tape as you remove it in sections. Remove any remaining air bubbles carefully with your squeegee.



Take a deep breath, and enjoy your new Radecal! You did it!


Go ahead, rub it in.

Please Recycle.

Peel it, peel it real good.

Practically done!