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High Precision, Customized, Quality Products made in San Jose. 

Who am I?

Call me RadRique. I like to believe my life is full of explosions, mythological creatures (La Sirena) and delicious chimichangas. The truth is, it's pretty average, but I do get chimis every now and then. I work full time for an engineering/design/technical solutions firm, I apply the same knowledge towards my own business. High precision, efficiency, lightning fast turn around times, and never afraid to think outside the box.

What is Radecals?

Radecals is a one man shop, which allows me to have a more personal relationship with my customers. There are times when I get overwhelmed with orders, that's when I call in my team. Best of the best, they assist me at a moments notice, and even better, work for pizza and beer. We always close the night with laughter over a game of Cards Against Humanity.