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Radecals Baby

Who is behind this?

RADecals Baby is a collaboration between radecals.net and the beautiful smile backing Katy Atchison Illustrations. Quite possibly the best collaboration of all time. Featuring all original artwork hand drawn by Katy and then  transformed into whimsical decals for your car, electronic device or walls in your kids room.

Enrique and Katy first met through the SF Etsy group way back in 2011. After following each others independent work for a couple years, they decided to fist bump and join forces on this project, among other things together. This is what happens when you mix a maker and a crafter. Today you can find them working towards much bigger life projects, while still being the creative duo that made them who you know and love today.

Where can I buy these?

Currently our collaboration  works are only available through our Etsy shop. See below for a glance into our shop.

Does Katy do commissions?

Yes! Katy has been commissioned out for many projects, not just decals. If you are interested in commissioning her, the best way is to check out her website here, or visit her illustration Facebook page.

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